Day 1 – Was It Something You Ate Or Is It a Geyser?

Welcome to  Yellowstone National Park!

Geysers, bears, elk, cold rivers and the Usual Suspects.  What else can be better?

After a 10-hour drive with Krissy and Sky in the car we arrived at the outskirts of Yellowstone.  The evening brought a raging storm but we rode it out in Rick’s RV.

Afterward I moved onto setting up my tent and discovered a bit of a problem.  A tent requires poles to stand upright.  Unwilling to sleep in a nylon bag with no air I begged some room from Steve and Peech and “slept” through the rest of the storm.

Yellowstone has some beautiful albeit smelly geyers and mud pots.  It’s really interesting to see boiling water that’s crystal clear in a hole in the ground.

On the way back to the camp site we saw a bear, a bull elk a bunch of cow elk and lot’s and lots of hot geological stuff.

More pics to follow but here’s a few as a teaser.

Till later,

Who Loves Ya?

Jacque – Out

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Two Items

1) Usual Suspects Camping trip.  Fun.  Pics.

2) The remodel of my dining room is consuming me!

Till later,

Jacque – Out

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Not Much Wanting

I don’t want for too much.  I’m perfectly (mostly) happy with my crappy old truck to get me around and I really don’t want stuff (such as electronic items and clothing).

But after reading this blog I really want a new bicycle.  One just like it with all the widgets so I can ride to my sisters in Cleveland Ohio.

And I promise not to let this happen.

Ok Santa?

Till later,

Jacque – Out

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A Terrifying Situation

No, the terrifying situation I’m referring to isn’t the fact that I’m back to blogging.   Nor is it the fact that this can happen to you.

Not even slighty scary

What’s so heinous, so hideous, so very sad is this….


You see, almost 3 months ago I developed a slight cough, then it went into being kinda weak and tired, then these hacking almost blacking out coughs developed.

Of course, being the consummate medical professional I ignored it.  Realizing that like most of life’s problems if you ignore it it’ll go away.

But for some reason it didn’t.  I don’t really know why. Though in my defense, I have to say I never reached the gold standard of actually passing out or coughing up blood.

So after finally going to the doctor I have self diagnosed myself as better mostly.  And believe I am ready to jump back on.

The inital rides will short, I’m thinking of something along the lines of to The Scoop and back with a visit at Pat’s and hopefully I’ll see John there.

But I’m a bit worried, concerned even.  How difficult will it be?  Will other bicyclists shun me?  Heck I heard the other day that this one guy rode the day after having his leg amputated. (not really true, I just thought it sounded good)

So here it is.  I’m down for my first ride.   I’ll be at The Scoop tomorrow (Sunday) around 1pm if anyone wants to hook up.

Down with cobwebs on the bike!

Till later,

Who Loves Ya?

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Wheels and Deals 2010-1

For Immediate Release:


For some reason or another you or someone that knows you (mainly Jacque) has you on an e-mail list called “Bicycle Riders”. But that isn’t the reason for the e-mail.


This Saturday, 9am we’ll meet at The Scoop with our bicycles/Xtracycycles or other human powered conveyance and hit some yard sales.    It’ll give you the perfect opportunity to purchase some duds or accessories for Prom (if you don’t know what I’m referring to click the link).

Remember, if you can’t fit it on your bicycle you probably don’t need it.

It Fit!

Till later,

Jacque – Out


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Personalized Saw Blade

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Trailer Love

Not quite as good as beer and chips.

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Bucket Panniers

Best application yet.

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If I Had a Twitter Account

I’d post this, “I’m avoiding the first floor of my house because my cat caught a squirrel and is now eating it and the crunching and slurping is *really* gross.”. Here’s a pic for your enjoyment.

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Just In Case You Were Wondering

It takes about a hour and a half to put 129 movies in your Netflix list. I’d post a cool pic but am unable to do screen shots from work.

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