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“This’ll make a good post”

So I’m locking up my trusty steed at my bank today and I hear some guy dropping F-bombs like a B-52 over Vietnam. Before I turned around to see what all the fuss was about I began to get a … Continue reading

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Help Wanted

I need some suggestions for my Netflix list. Anything suggested and subsequently watched will get an extensive review posted on this blog.  I’m even thinking of a play-by-play type with whomever I get to watch it with. So, that being … Continue reading

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Getting Back to “Normal”

Just in case you just want to read a little then move on to your favorite humor, porn or news site here’s the short of it: Computer has been repaired, BrightSpirit is getting better but still can’t drive, bicycles have … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m ok. Thanks for the concern and I appreciate the offers of organ donations. But really…. My friend John said in his blog, “There’s idea guys and people that do stuff…”  I’m kinda a bit of both. A while … Continue reading

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Gonna make this a quick one because I have to make a salad for a pot luck dinner tonight, post the weekly Fresh Abundance! boxes, send the Fresh Abundance! Weekly News and would like to work in the yard. The … Continue reading

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