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So I’m at the main fire station of my Fire Department and unlike my station there are 5 apparatus (trucks) here (my station has 1). Originally here to do some training it’s turned out to be a pretty busy day … Continue reading

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How Technology is Keeping Me Safe

As you probably know I’m a firefighter.  Been doing it now for around 20 years or so. I’ve seen massive improvements in safety and technology.  One being that when an alarm is received at the fire station heat generating devices … Continue reading

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Man, I have a lot to say.  Where to start?  Talk about the snow?  Well, not directly, but I’ll certainly mention it. Bicycling?  Let’s start there…. I was all jazzed up to ride to the fire department on Monday.  Scheduled … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic!!

I’m a pretty cool headed guy (unless faced with conflict, but we’ll save that for another post) it can take quite a bit to get my blood pressure up. Take for example my job as a Firefighter/EMT.  When my pager … Continue reading

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