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Pimp Your Panniers

Just about 8 years ago I got these great panniers at a yard sale for 5 dollars (not to be confused with dolars). Good Panier, Bad Zipper After my first year of ownership the original nylon zipper gave out.  I … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m ok. Thanks for the concern and I appreciate the offers of organ donations. But really…. My friend John said in his blog, “There’s idea guys and people that do stuff…”  I’m kinda a bit of both. A while … Continue reading

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Lost Day

It’s 5pm and I’m finally getting around to posting (yes, I’m supposed to be working, don’t tell the boss). But dang it, my friend the Gutter Bunny sent me the video below and from there I got lost in YouTube … Continue reading

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And Now, Fresh Abundance! Freshness Brings You…

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Thinking of Making a Change

In a discussion with another bicyclist the other day I was told that San Francisco has a law where bicyclists do not have to stop at stop signs or lights. A little research on the subject turned up the following, … Continue reading

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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign….

Saw this on one my favorite humor sites.

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When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie, That’s a Fiasco

What a great ride!  Started with John’s outstanding birthday party and convening at The Swamp for The Ride the count came to 32 people. The turn-out was pretty impressive, probably as many as for The Prom Once we got on … Continue reading

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Wheeling and Dealing

Pre-Post Note: I don’t like to post more than once per day and also don’t want to overburden ya’ll with lengthy posts.  So just keep checking in for events you attended and are looking for  (like Fiasco Rides, Community Breakfasts, … Continue reading

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Gonna make this a quick one because I have to make a salad for a pot luck dinner tonight, post the weekly Fresh Abundance! boxes, send the Fresh Abundance! Weekly News and would like to work in the yard. The … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Saddle Up Pardner

I’m not sure if John Wayne said that (the title of this post) or not, I’m willing to bet he did. Tomorrow’s the day.  The first ever Yard Sale Ride.  Or as Pat from 26inch Slicks put it, “Deals via … Continue reading

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