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Bicycle Rebuild

I started rebuilding the Trek 1100 on Monday at the Pedals to People shop. I have to admit that I was a bit worried about what to do.  I’ve never gotten too deep into bicycle repair so this is a … Continue reading

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Earl the Cat – Evil, Power Hungry Beast? Or Just a Cat?

I’m beginning to wonder about my cat Earl.   It has recently been brought to my attention that he may be like Sylar from the television series Heros. Let’s compare the two: Earl likes to catch birds and squirrels and eat … Continue reading

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Doing It

I’ve always been one to do what I want to do.   What I’m trying to say is that if there’s something I’ve always wanted to do I’ve found a way to do it. As I get older that list is … Continue reading

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Good News!

Found something that was pretty much irreplaceable.

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Getting Back to “Normal”

Just in case you just want to read a little then move on to your favorite humor, porn or news site here’s the short of it: Computer has been repaired, BrightSpirit is getting better but still can’t drive, bicycles have … Continue reading

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When Good Days Go Bad

Sigh! Saturday the 20th turned out to be a pretty bad day. I came home from the Fire Department to find an oddly empty front porch.  What’s odd about an empty front porch you say?  Well, normally there’s two bicycles … Continue reading

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Don’t Tell The Boss

  Don’t tell anyone but I’m “supposed” to be working.  Someone called in sick at the Division Store and I’m filling in.  I just wanted to let ya’ll know I’m still here.  My computer is still in the shop.  I … Continue reading

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Before I Sign Off

Here’s my view on the Republican Nominee for Vice President…. (apologies in advance if it insults someone) Jacque – Out

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Off Line For a Bit

My laptop is having some hardware problems so it may be a bit beforeI can post again.  I’m really bummed, my writing is a BIG part of my life.  I guess I just have to ride my bike some more, … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With The Kid

I’ve mentioned before how I like to ride.  That is, slow.  I kinda plod.  My old Trek 820 with the 26inch dry rotting slicks is a heavy slow bicycle.  Add to it my panniers packed with crap all my necessities, … Continue reading

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