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Man, I have a lot to say.  Where to start?  Talk about the snow?  Well, not directly, but I’ll certainly mention it. Bicycling?  Let’s start there…. I was all jazzed up to ride to the fire department on Monday.  Scheduled … Continue reading

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Hello? What time is it? Heck, What DAY is it?

Oh man.  I’m beginning to feel like my friend Pat. Not that I’m an international jet setter (I run more along the lines of an inner-city bicycle setter), but I just got done working 2 overnight 12-hour shifts.  Not the … Continue reading

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One Talented Daughter

Actually I have 6 talented daughters.  But this post is about Orianna.  She has an artistic talent that I haven’t seen since my Sister Vickie.  I remember asking Vic about her talent and her modest reply was “I took a … Continue reading

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Snow Daze

Yes, I’m still here.   Thanks. My first post of the day is concerning the topic that is effecting us all.  No, not the fact I don’t have any beer in the house.  I’m referring to snow.  At my house on … Continue reading

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