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Why I Won’t Be Watching the Super Bowl

Yes, it’s here.  That day of days that most of America anxiously awaits.  No, it’s not that one day of the year that Jack drinks too much and takes off his clothes, I’m talking about the Super Bowl. I grew … Continue reading

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I’ve Had All I Can Stand, I Can’t Stands No More!

  That would be me right now.  I’ve written my first ever letter to a State Representative.  The text and reference is below: Dear Representative McMorris-Rodgers, I would like to encourage support of Sen. Claire McCaskill’s proposed legislation to cap … Continue reading

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Million Dollar Baby

Some of ya’ll may recognize this as a repeat. But hey, birthdays happen. Do you remember the movie Million Dollar Baby? Where the “Million Dollar Baby” is Hillary Swank. Granted, she’s pretty cute and a decent actress but a “Million … Continue reading

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Restaurant Rut Chronicles III

Well, we went and did it again.  We bumped ourselves right out of the restaurant rut .  If you’re new here (and I figure a couple of ya’ll are) this post kind of explains what I’m talking about. Because my … Continue reading

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I *Knew* I Should Have Called 911

Dang it!  I went and repaired the washing machine all by myself when I could have called 911. Kudos to Bill Foss from Spokanarama. Till later, Jacque – Out

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Washing Machine Chronicles

As stated in this post I’m having washing machine issues.  I’m bound and determined to at least get a few more months out of it before purchasing a new one.   Yesterday I got it apart (only after breaking the water … Continue reading

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Volunteer Winter Growth

Each fall and spring I put a layer of composted soil on my front flower/herb garden and each spring there’s a bunch of volunteer plants that grow.  But this is  the very first time that I’ve had something come up … Continue reading

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Two Quick Notes

I’ve added a checkbox to the comments form so you can see when someone has something to say about a post you may be interested in. Speaking of interesting…my sister now has access to this blog as an author.    Personally … Continue reading

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Digging Deep

So I’m getting ready to start taking my washing machine apart.  I figure that once I get it into about a million pieces I’ll figure that it can’t be fixed and will have to buy a new one. I thought … Continue reading

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A Dreadful Admission

Well, here goes.  I do something in my kitchen in a place that most of ya’ll don’t do it.  I admit it, just don’t judge me. It’s actually even more heinous than…well, maybe it’s not *that* bad. You see…No, I’m … Continue reading

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