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“It waas fun. im kinda drunk”

It’s only taken me a week to re-cap the UFO Phil Movie ride. What a good time.  I finally got to meet John.  A fellow firefighter and blogger we hooked up at the Baby Bar, traded war stories and quaffed … Continue reading

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Stop 1

Made it. First stop The Baby Bar. So far I’m all by myself. Oop, John arrived. Got be social. Posted via email with my BlackBerry through

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Just a Side Note

In case you were wondering. I’ve discovered that items cook better when the stove is turned on.

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A Test Before the Ride

Good morning class, my name is Talisman Jacque.  I’ll be your instructor for the day. Before we all jump on our little bicycles and ride to the establishment of drinking and onward we’re going to take a quick test.  Ready?  … Continue reading

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Riding of the Bike

Oh man, I’m pretty sure I have the plague or at least a pretty bad cold. I missed the FBC full moon ride and am contemplating sleeping forever. Never-the-less let’s talk about Saturday. It’s the UFO Phil ride, and dang … Continue reading

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Poor Baby

I want to ride my bike!  But it’s cold outside.

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One Day

Fresh Abundance will be cool enough for someone to make a video like this about it. The manager has an uncanny resemblance to someone we all know. Till later, Jacque – Out

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Restaurant Rut Chronicles VI

Wooo!  I really stepped out on this one baby. Friday I was in Post Falls for a conference related to work.  Of all the places to have a conference I would never have suggested Cabela’s sporting goods.  Now when someone … Continue reading

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Do You Believe in UFOs?

Oh, I do.  It’s why I wear my tin foil hat. I’ve got a buddy and fellow half-crazy firefighter that’s a huge UFO Phil fan.  He too likes to ride bikes and drink beer. So we’re thinking that a bike … Continue reading

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Not Much Time

I’ve only got a few minutes for two posts.    So I’m going to spend one of them on…The One Minute Write. Today’s Writing Prompt: That In the words of the singer Meatloaf, “I would do anything for love, but I … Continue reading

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