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Hawaiian Shirt Travel Graham
(The blog post you can wear!) – 4/21/09

Greeting from Northeastern Ohio.  After a fitful, restless night of little sleep my long suffering and wonderful wife dropped me off at the airport at 4:30am. A quick uneventful flight to Denver, jump onto another plane for a the final … Continue reading

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First “Real” Ride of the Summer Season

Is it all the beer I’ve been drinking since 11am?  Maybe it’s the sun.  Or perhaps it’s just because I’m just a happy boy.  But I feel kinda feel red in the face. Today marks the day I finally got … Continue reading

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Restaurant Rut Chronicles VIII

Surprisingly enough, unlike some of my other ventures (like previous relationships or the one-minute-write) this series is continuing. The other evening, between the usual thoughts that inhabit my mind (like beer, bicycles and “spinning the wheel”) I was thinking about … Continue reading

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Bike Riding Trip in the Queue

Ahh, spring and summer.  I’m so very happy it’s  here.  Time for some slow, liesurely rides that involve yard sales and coffee drinks. In addition I’m off to the Cuyahoga Valley in Northeastern Ohio next week to spend 9-days with … Continue reading

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Hurray! Posted via email with my BlackBerry through

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Quick! To the Bike!

It’s 5:39pm, light is fading.  Anyone up for a quick/slow leisurly ride that will end up somewhere that serves beer. Send me an e-mail ffemtjacque at and I’ll get it on the BlackBerry. Till later, Jacque – Out

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Restaurant Rut Chronicles VII

This one’s a twoofer.  That’s right.  Two new dining places (one’s a surprise) in one blog entry.  How’s that for a bargain? First of all let’s talk about the place that’s within walking distance of my house.  Heck, it may … Continue reading

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