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For Sale

Hey, I need $$ so I’m selling something on Craigslist. If interested let me know. Till later, Jacque – Out Poseidon’s Trident – $1 (South Hill) Reply [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-05-30, 11:37AM PDT There’s no … Continue reading

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How Technology is Keeping Me Safe

As you probably know I’m a firefighter.  Been doing it now for around 20 years or so. I’ve seen massive improvements in safety and technology.  One being that when an alarm is received at the fire station heat generating devices … Continue reading

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Ride Notice!!!

Meet at the Manito Park Park Bench (hopefully it’ll be open) tomorrow morning (Monday the 25th) at 10am. We’ll ride where ever the streets take us.  Slow, relaxed, snack and yard sale stops will probably happen. Please take note; this … Continue reading

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Yes, I Know….

It’s been a while since there’s been any posts.  It’s just that the weather has been nice and I’ve been gardening and bicycling and canoeing and yada, yada, yada. The  main reason for this post is a quick update on … Continue reading

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I wonder…

If I can fit this on the bike. Posted via email with my BlackBerry through

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I know I’m behind, buuuut…..

The weather’s nice and I’m going to go on bike ride (and a canoe ride, and work in the garden and attach a rocket to the Bruce Gordon). Till later, Jacque – Out And yes, I do have some other … Continue reading

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This is my favorite Graffiti ever (so far). Posted via email with my BlackBerry through

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Let’s Make a Deal!

If you can’t fit it on your bike you probably don’t need it. Let’s meet at the Scoop at 8:30 am tomorrow (Saturday the 9th) we’ll ride to yard sales that I’ve mapped out. Hope to see you there. In … Continue reading

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Free!? I’ll take 1/2 Dozen Please.

I always like to say that if kicks in the butt were free I’d take a half-dozen. That being said, I kinda feel guilty enjoying free stuff.  I mean *someone* paid for it didn’t they? Let’s start with National Public … Continue reading

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As I Ride Throughout Town

I often see things that make me smile. Posted via email with my BlackBerry through

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