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It’s like going to the casino, without the cigarette smoke

Otherwise known as garnet “hunting” Till later, Jacque – Out

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I was hungry and being the hunter/gatherer that I am I took the trusty colander to the front yard and harvested some nasturtium (Not too much though. It’s spicy!), onion, 2 different types of kale a unidentified type of plant … Continue reading

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Yet again I’ve got a listing on Craigslist. Till later, Jacque – Out

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Let’s Schedule Some Stuff

You know, life can be busy.  That’s why I’m here for you.  To help you de-stress.  To assist you with relaxing.  To get you to buy me a beer. That being said lets look at our calendar together and think … Continue reading

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Restaurant Rut Chronicles IX

(Wow! Nine of these. I’m kinda surprised.) I’m not really sure this qualifies as a restaurant.  I guess that if  you purchase food from it, you can eat it there (even if it’s on a plastic picnic table in a … Continue reading

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Our Relationship

We’ve been together almost a year now.  There’s no doubt we’ve been through some difficult times.  We’ve even crashed a few times together (And yes, I admit. It was my fault). Yes, I do love you.  Quite a bit.  I’m … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Gardener

I’ve really taken to gardening.  I like it.  A lot.  It’s fun to plant something, care for it and watch it grown. Then EAT IT. I may have crossed the line the other day though.  I have a  small pile … Continue reading

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Wheels and Deals #3

I really have to ask.  Is there any better way to go yard saleing other than on a bicycle?  It really does limit the amount of stuff you can haul home.  And man, when you get a group of friends … Continue reading

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It’s That Time Again!

Nope! You guessed wrong.  It isn’t quite time yet for us to visit the therapist, nor is it time for me to check in with the probation officer. It’s time for some more Wheels and Deals.  That’s right friends.  Let’s … Continue reading

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Prom 2009

What a good (cold) time.  150+ bicyclists.  Beer, great outfits, “women” with beards, cupcakes. I’m not going to get into the thick of what happened.  You’ll just have to head on over to the FBC’s web site for that information. … Continue reading

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