Hawaiian Shirt Travel Graham
(The blog post you can wear!) – 5/3/09

Just to give you a bit of background information…what’s that? You don’t need any background information?  Yes you do, fooled ya.  I’m home now.  This really isn’t much of a Travel Graham, so there.  You did need information after all.

Phew! It sure is nice to be home.  I didn’t get to ride the Kokosing Gap trail as advertised.  It started raining at 9am and didn’t stop all day.  Spent it moving furniture with Dan and watching a (bad) movie.

Though the night before John called said, “Hey, let’s go for a bike ride.”  So we jumped in Dan’s chariot and drove the 40 miles up to John’s and did some more of the Towpath trail.

As usual it was a pretty spectacular ride.  Though at the beginning John laughingly said, “You’re going to ride the Brown Mile Jacque.”.

I found out what he meant near the beginning.  The trail goes by a waste water treamtment facility that has an adjacent compost plant.  Not the most aromatic portion of the ride, that’s for sure.

Overall, a fun time.  We ended at a tavern where we did what I tend to do even when away from home.

During the ride we took the obligatory photo of the three of us.

From the left, Dan, Jacque, John

From the left, Dan, Jacque, John

We have photo’s of the three of us from 1984, 2000, 2005, 2008 and now this one.  One of these days I’ll make a composite.

Overall, it was an outstanding trip.  Great rides, great family, great friends.

Till later,

Jacque – Out

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