It’s That Time Again!

Nope! You guessed wrong.  It isn’t quite time yet for us to visit the therapist, nor is it time for me to check in with the probation officer.

It’s time for some more Wheels and Deals.  That’s right friends.  Let’s meet at The Scoop (at 25th and Monroe) on Saturday the 13th at 10am and we’ll ride our bikes to some pre-mapped sales.

This is a slow, no drop perfect for Hill Slug ride.  Bring your bike, attach the trailer and load it up.

Remember, if you can’t fit it on your bike you probably don’t need it.

Hope to see you there, maybe we’ll experience something like this….

Till later,

Jacque – Out

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Fun, funny and all around nice guy. Just the author of the Weekly News and helps out around FA.
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  1. John Speare says:

    If your route tends toward downtown, then join P2P and other bike freaks for a ride in the Spokane Pride parade. Line up with us on Wall St/Main at 11 am. All cyclists (and your yard sale haul) are welcome.

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