Full Moon Fiasco #12

I love words.  And fiasco is right near the top (just below soiree).  The Full Moon Fiasco bike rides occur when you think they do (credit to Jeff for that statement).

Unlike other bicycle clubs that are organized and actually may even have a plan, the FBC is unorganized and chaos often reins.  What a great club.  It’s the best.

This months full moon ride started at Beneditto’s Pizza on the South Hill. From there we rode to Tim’s house (because he had some loser work to do like babysit) and yelled at him.

Hallooo! Anyone home?

Of course, after all that trouble he couldn’t hear us.  From there we rode to The Swamp and on to the Baby Bar where it was literally so crowded we couldn’t get in.  Again, for those of ya’ll that aren’t familiar with Spokane the Baby Bar is called so for a reason.  The whole place has just about the same square footage of a ’69 VW camper bus.

That’s all I have to say about that.  I’ve put some pics on the picture page found here.

Speaking of yelling, I really gotta tell you about a recent occurrence that I experienced.  The ride home from the Division Store can take me through a rather sketchy neighborhood.  Not bad, but questionable with a lot of police patrols.  There are about 3 houses in this neighborhood.   The other day I passed by one where there was a grossly obese lady sitting on the front porch.  When she saw me, she started SCREAMING.  “DON’T YOU PISS ON MY LAWN!!“  As I was the only person in site and she was looking directly at me it had to be me she was directing it at.  I calmly assured her I would not urinate on her turf and pedaled on.  I should have returned with a tin foil hat for her so that the neighbors would stop directing mind waves at her.

Till later,

Jacque – Out

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