Day 4 – A Quickie And An Increased Heart Rate

If you’re kinda wondering what this is all about, click here.

As stated in the previous post I didn’t have much time to ride today. As evidenced by the late time of this posting and the fact I’m doing it via BlackBerry.

A quick ride to The Scoop though satisfied the intent.

On the way, a big black dog ran at me and scared the wits out of me. At first I thought, “Whoa Dog,you scared me!”. Then I realized he meant business and was forced to kick it up. Phew.

Dramatization, I wasn't on a dirt road.

Anyhoo, 4.1 miles in 23.35 minutes with an average speed of 10.6 mph topping out at 22 (courtesy of Mr. Dog).

Till later,

Who Loves Ya?

Originally posted via email with my BlackBerry through, edited later so I can add the links to what this is about and the photo.

To see daily mileage/destinations click here.

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