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HeyHeyHey!  It’s, here! It’s here! ~Commence blasting of horns~ ~Ready fireworks~ ~Practice saying, “Ya’ll watch this!~

Can you guess what I’m going to announce? (No, it isn’t my upcoming debut as a dancer) It’s the opening of the Division store.

Write it on your calendar and tattoo it on your forehead, Beginning Monday July 7th at 10am you can come to the Division store to shop and/or pick up your order.  Located at 2015 North Division (one block North of Indiana across from Mountain Gear) we will be open 7-days per week from 10am till 7pm.  This will be a “soft opening”, so other than a bit of horn blatting and getting the fireworks ready there wont’ be much fanfare. We’ve still a bit of work to do but really want to get this place open.  But *please* wait till Monday the 7th to come by.  The shelving isn’t up yet and there’s still a bit of painting, plumbing and concrete work to do.  For more information check my blog at  From now on, I’ll be making *daily* updates so you can see what’s going on.

Wow! After an announcement like that what can I follow up with that’ll keep ya’ll interested?

How about this:

Fresh, LOCAL chickens on sale at $2.99 per pound and Fresh Organic Corn on the Cob at 75 cents each.  (Oh, the corn won’t be available till Tuesday.)

Just out of curiosity, do you have any idea why this is such good Weekly News this week?  It’s because I’m composing it from The Scoop!  The infusion of ice cream on top of a rich triple mocha and the company of my friends and neighbors is really inspiring.

That’s it for this week.

Till next,

Jacque – Out

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