Day 1 – Was It Something You Ate Or Is It a Geyser?

Welcome to  Yellowstone National Park!

Geysers, bears, elk, cold rivers and the Usual Suspects.  What else can be better?

After a 10-hour drive with Krissy and Sky in the car we arrived at the outskirts of Yellowstone.  The evening brought a raging storm but we rode it out in Rick’s RV.

Afterward I moved onto setting up my tent and discovered a bit of a problem.  A tent requires poles to stand upright.  Unwilling to sleep in a nylon bag with no air I begged some room from Steve and Peech and “slept” through the rest of the storm.

Yellowstone has some beautiful albeit smelly geyers and mud pots.  It’s really interesting to see boiling water that’s crystal clear in a hole in the ground.

On the way back to the camp site we saw a bear, a bull elk a bunch of cow elk and lot’s and lots of hot geological stuff.

More pics to follow but here’s a few as a teaser.

Till later,

Who Loves Ya?

Jacque – Out

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