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Pre-Post Note: I don’t like to post more than once per day and also don’t want to overburden ya’ll with lengthy posts.  So just keep checking in for events you attended and are looking for  (like Fiasco Rides, Community Breakfasts, Fairs, Work Parties and law enforcement arrests).

The first ever  yard sale ride was great fun!  We hit around 6 sales and I believe went around 10 miles or so.  It was easy though, all flat and little to no hills.

I got some really great scores…

The New Navigator ("Candy Gram")

The New Navigator ("Candy Gram")

A Land Shark for 50 cents, a waffle iron for $2, 2 paperback books and an awesome bicycle shoulder bag.

One of the sales actually had welcome sign up with a picture from this blog and the Spoke Card. (thans Patti!)  It was very funny to pull up to a sale with a gang of bicyclers and see one of your own “things” on prominent display. You can’t see it in the picture, but it’s there.

It really was a lot of fun. The type of ride I like a lot, slow and with friends.

On a related note I took a few pictures and have bailed out my hosted picture page.  It wasn’t very navigator friendly. I’ve move on to Flikr, it seems pretty good.

Click the picture below to see the photos and comments on each from the ride.

Click on Greg to go to the Picture Page

Click on Greg to go to the Picture Page

So that was it. Sure was fun.  I’m going to organize another in a month or so on a Saturday so we can get more people and more sales.

I’m off to Pancakes in the Park.  Hope to see you there.

Till later,

Jacque – Out

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