Sticker Shock

I’m often surprised and shocked at the price of some items. Even more so for what people are paying a lot of money for.

Take the jeans below for example. Any guesses as to what the’re priced at? If you said around $90, you’d be correct.


So, I decided to go shopping at Fresh Abundance! to see what $90 would get me.

Let’s see, we’ll start off easy and get the $45 Happy Family box. Not really caring for milk I still want some sort of wet stuff to put on my cereal and make kefir (dang! they don’t sell beer) So I’ll get case of almond milk for $30.09.

$14.91 left. Let’s get some of the aforementioned cereal for $6.59.

Hmm, $8.32 still in the coffer. I think I’ll take it down to Goodwill and get some jeans that will look marginally better than the ones in the picture.

So for $90 I purchased just about enough organic food to last me a week *and* get some decent jeans.

Now, if you read this article in the New York Times you’ll see that food prices are going up, and they are. But how is it affecting Fresh Abundance!, the LOCAL farmers (and you)?

Our local farmers are paying upwards of 3-times what they paid last year for hay and other commodities that they need. Some of them are even getting rid of some of their animals rather than raise their prices so much. I’d like to let you know how much our farmers care and really aren’t so interested in making money as putting food on their community table. A lot of the farmers aren’t passing that complete increase on to us. It stands to reason that if their cost goes up 3 times, they are going to raise the price of what they sell times 3. Not so. A number of them only increase the price x2 or 2.5.

What’s it boil down to? The price of food is going up. As gas prices rise the price of NON-local food is going to go up even more.

What do about it? Buy local. Go to farmer’s markets. Ask where those carrots, chicken, beef or lettuce is coming from.

Or you can go buy some tattered jeans. I happen to have a pair I’d be happy to sell you for the bargain basement price of $88.62.

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