When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie, That’s a Fiasco

What a great ride!  Started with John’s outstanding birthday party and convening at The Swamp for The Ride the count came to 32 people.

Beginning at The Swamp

Beginning at The Swamp

The turn-out was pretty impressive, probably as many as for The Prom

Once we got on the way we rode through Browne’s Addition, down Riverside to Peoples Park across the river, up the hill, through Felony Flats ending up at the Maxwell House tavern at Maxwell and Maple.  Click the picture below to see even more pictures.

Top of the Hill from Crossing the River
click for more pictures

Top of the Hill from Crossing the River

The staff of the Maxwell House were outstanding!  From what I understand they weren’t even expecting us and when 30+ bicyclists arrived they had us bring out bikes through the tavern and put them in the banquet room.  What a great experience!  I can just imagine sitting there drinking a beer when this parade of bicycles comes through.  I’d probably wonder what was slipped in my drink.

After being there a bit Jeff opened the mysterious box that was on his bike and passed out.  Oops, I meant he passed out some cupcakes celebrating the one-year birthday of the Full Moon Fiasco rides.

Ahh, bicycles and beer, gotta love it.

Till later,

Jacque – Out

P.S. Hop on over to Jeff’s blog for another great post, lots more and better pictures too.  And for even more pics head on over to Hank’s picture site.

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