Do You Ever…

…just sit?

I’m not talking about plopping your heiny down on the couch to watch the most recent episode of My Name is Earl or at the table to enjoy your cereal and a beer while reading a Star Trek “novel”.

More along the lines of just hanging out and not doing anything or even thinking of much. You just…well, sit.

I do it occasionally and find it works best if I have the house to myself (cats not included). I’ll just put my little rear on the couch (it’s where I’m most comfortable) and sit. It can last upwards of 17 minutes.

Sometime in the past I saw a comic where the character said something along the lines of, “Sometimes I sits and thinks. Sometimes I just sits.”

That pretty much sums it up.

Do you ever just sit?

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Jacque – Out (or sitting)

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