Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign….

Saw this on one my favorite humor sites.

Warning, Lincoln Logs Ahead!

Warning, Lincoln Logs Ahead!

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5 Responses to Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign….

  1. fbc says:

    That’s exactly how I broke my finger in an StL Fiasco. It looked a lot like that.

  2. jacque says:

    You broke it trying to ride over a Lincoln Log?

  3. Isaac says:

    Looks like whoever hit that lincoln log also hit the sign.

  4. jacque says:

    That’s funny Isaac, I didn’t even think of that. Those damn Lincoln Logs! Riding Spokane’s side streets kinda feels like that.

    Hey! Are we related?

  5. Rosemary says:

    Phil pulled this one from the garbage can at the SW Cop shop. A cardboard sign with creative words from one of those people who stand at Spokane street intersections. Fresh and Original!

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