Pimp Your Panniers

Just about 8 years ago I got these great panniers at a yard sale for 5 dollars (not to be confused with dolars).

Good pannier, bad zippers
Good Panier, Bad Zipper

After my first year of ownership the original nylon zipper gave out.  I then replaced it with another nylon zipper (yes, I did it myself. For your information I once took a sewing class).

Now, after a few more years the replacement zipper gave out.  It’s probably from me stuffing as much crap as possible in them.

As many of ya’ll know I’ve been on a yard sale search for a new set of panniers, but no such luck.  So I’ve started on replacing the zippers again (with metal ones this time) and will just use them till the material dies.

New Metal Zipper with Guard Kat
New Metal Zipper with Guard Kat

I do believe I’m going to invest in some new hooky-dos like these.  And once the fabric dies I’ll go ahead and either bite the bullet and get some new real ones or make my own like thisLink courtesy of another bicycle blogger who I can’t remember.  Maybe John or Pat or Jeff. Possibly Hank or Jason.

On an unrelated note, I’ve decided to put to rest let the idea of stop signs as yield (and associated). It would take up a lot of energy and time and I do believe that it really isn’t worth the effort for now.   All the comments received were thoughtful, considerate and greatly appreciated.

That’s it for now.  I’ve now gotta put some time into composing new voice mail messages for the Fresh Abundance! South and Valley stores.  I’m thinking possibly along the lines of;

  • Hello, you’ve reached…<insert primal scream>, it’s the aliens! They’re attacking, run for your lives!
  • Hello?
  • Shh. Listen.  Hear it?  It’s the government listening in. <insert dial tone>

That is all,

Jacque – Out

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Fun, funny and all around nice guy. Just the author of the Weekly News and helps out around FA.
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3 Responses to Pimp Your Panniers

  1. Hank says:

    I appreciate you listing me as a bicycling blogger, but I must admit I am much more a cycling enthusiast than I am a cycling expert. Ask me about a bike and I will tell you with all the authority and self importance I can muster, “It’s a blue one.” But, suprisingly, I can say pannier in both French and English. :-)

  2. Jacque says:

    You know Hank, I’m the same. Kinda like the actor that plays a doctor on television.

    Jacque (not a real bike rider, but I play one on t.v.)

  3. Rosemary Small says:

    New message suggestion. Fresh Abundance. Hours are -to -. Leave a message. BEEP.
    I do not like long messages.

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