I’m not sure the title of this post is correct.  In fact, this was actually written a couple of days ago over a week ago and it (the title) changed a couple of times.

Here’s where my head’s at.  You see, I’ve been riding my bike through Manito Park now for about 3 years.  Summer through winter and there’s been one very consistent item that till recently has been kinda bugging me.

In the road, directly in front of the Park Bench cafe there is a water main that has been leaking.  It’s been leaking steadily for every day of these 3+ years that I have been riding by.

If this was leaking for 2+ years would you do anything about it?

If this was leaking for 2+ years would you do anything about it?

Honestly, for a while I would get all indignant, grumbling things about water wastage and such. Then recently I put some thought into it.  This is what I came up with…

  1. Is the City paying for the water wastage? (basically is some of our tax money washing down the road?)
  2. Where is that water going?
  3. When is The Scoop going to serve beer?

My answers?

  1. No the city isn’t paying for the loss.  Now this can be argued through a bunch of different levels with the ultimate answer being, yes the city is paying for that water.  But I’m referring to the simpler expedient of “fast” cash out.
  2. This is the one that got to me.  At first I was worried about the waste all that water.  Then I really *did* think.  Um that water is going right back into the aquifer, so it’s kinda making a circle.
  3. Um, never :(   It’s right freeking next to an elementary school.  Duh!  (pesky kids!)

Let’s make it ever more murky.  So, the city decides it wants to fix it.  The road in our beautiful park right in front of our wonderful little cafe gets torn up and then replaced.  What little traffic goes through there is snarled and patronage of the cafe comes to near halt due to parking issues, noise and bad smells.  Not only that,  we (the tax payers) are paying for the repairs and the city loses revenue (from the cafe).

So now I say leave the dang thing alone unless/until it begins to seriously undermine the road and/or impacts local water pressure.

Just my two cents.

Jacque – Out

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6 Responses to Righteousness

  1. Jason says:

    I’m going to have to check that leak out the next I ride through Manito Park. I’ve actually ridden that way twice in the last 3 or 4 days, just not the street in front of the Park Bench.

  2. fbc says:

    I go through there all the time and I am looking forward to this winter when it freezes and heaves that whole block several feet into the air.

  3. Klay says:

    Thank you for this post because I was hoping to have an excuse for talking about wasting water today. Here’s the thing – when a certain downtown business that has a bright and shiny new building with brand new sidewalks and new trees etc… I can see why they would want to keep that looking nice and squeaky clean. What I don’t understand and have never understood is why does that mean sending the maintenance guy out with a hose to spray down the concrete in order to wash away the little rocks and bark and little things that collect on the side walk into the road? I mean is that really necessary? The water goes directly into the sewer system or evaporates into the air and for what? A slightly more clean concrete sidewalk? One less little rock to avoid while you stroll down the street? I just have to ask, what ever happened to a broom? OK, thank you for letting me say that.

  4. jacque says:

    I’ve watched this spot over a couple of winters, it hasn’t changed much at all.

    Klay, I’m a big advocate of water conservation. Hence I don’t water my lawn (much to the consternation of my neighbors) and like you get kind of irate when I see water go to waste.

    My reference doesn’t seem to be going into the sewer system or evaporating much. I do believe though that we should all take heed of water and conservation thereof.

  5. Klay says:

    Yes, I totally agree that we should be very careful not to waste water and it’s one thing when the water is going toward something that is actually growing or at least making it to the soil like the leak in the park. Unlike concrete which I’m pretty sure doesn’t need water to stay nice and gray. I’ve noticed this downtown quite a lot. I think it’s some kind of maintenance worker Zen meditation to stand on the sidewalk and hose things off. Someone give that person a broom! I might have to become some kind of downtown water vigilante – like the guy that shouts all day at the federal building.

  6. jacque says:

    I support the Mayor’s proposal for lawn watering.

    We can protest by putting manequins and signs on our lawn like our friend.


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