Keeping Up With The Kid

I’ve mentioned before how I like to ride.  That is, slow.  I kinda plod.  My old Trek 820 with the 26inch dry rotting slicks is a heavy slow bicycle.  Add to it my panniers packed with crap all my necessities, the water bottle and computer bag slung across my back it’s a rolling 75 pound sack of flour.  (At least it’s mostly organic flour)  And yes, that’s the actual weight of my bicycle and associated gear.

Then there’s BrightSpirit’s newer aluminum framed Trek someothernumber.  She doesn’t have panniers or associated cool stuff on it and it weighs in just under 25 pounds.  A virtual butterfly.

So the other day Gabby (the 21 year-old Daughter) and I went for a brief ride and she rode BrightSpirit’s bicycle.  I being the benevolent Father, super-in-shape bicycle commuter and Firefighter extraordinaire let her set the pace.


I kinda felt like Yehuda Moon in this comic.  Must..Keep..Up..With..Gabby

Next ride she can carry the bike and maybe I'll be able to stay with her

Next ride she can carry the bike and maybe I'll be able to stay with her

Yes, that’s her in the photo.  So much for being super-in-shape.  Next time I’m going to hitch a camper behind her (kinda like this pic from Jason’s blog).   Then we’ll see who’s really in shape.

Till later,

Jacque – Out

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3 Responses to Keeping Up With The Kid

  1. Hank says:

    Drafting is much easier if you’re on the trailer cycle connected to the bike your daughter is riding.

  2. Jacque says:

    Hey! I like that idea. She’ll probably not even notice.

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