Back from camping, bicycling, hiking and a farm run for Fresh Abundance! It was a great time of work combined with pleasure.

This weekend being the bi-weekly milk run to Twisp we decided to head up into the mountains for some outdoorsiness.  So we loaded up the KA Fresh Abundance! Delivery Van of Love and headed out.

The Kick-Ass FA Delivery Van of Love

We ended up about 17 miles west of Wintrop where we set up for the evening on a forest service road at a trail head.

The Van enjoying the view

It wasn’t quite dark so we headed off on the trail for a hike suitably fortifiied.

A lot of fun was had by both of us, the weather was wonderful and we can’t wait to do it again.

Till later,

Jacque – Out

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Fun, funny and all around nice guy. Just the author of the Weekly News and helps out around FA.
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