Earl the Cat – Evil, Power Hungry Beast? Or Just a Cat?

I’m beginning to wonder about my cat Earl.   It has recently been brought to my attention that he may be like Sylar from the television series Heros.

Let’s compare the two:

  • Earl likes to catch birds and squirrels and eat their heads.
  • Syler likes to kill people, cut open their heads and steal their powers
  • Earl has claws
  • Syler has eyebrows that are shaped like claws
  • Earl has whiskers but doesn’t shave
  • Syler has whiskers and needs to shave more often

If I see my cat start to fly and/or go down a tree trunk head first (And no, I’m not referring to him falling.) I’m thinking we’ve got trouble and should call the National Guard or Sarah Palin.

Till later, unless my kat eats my head

Jacque – Out

um – meow?

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