Don’t Panic!!

I’m a pretty cool headed guy (unless faced with conflict, but we’ll save that for another post) it can take quite a bit to get my blood pressure up.

Take for example my job as a Firefighter/EMT.  When my pager goes off for a call I kinda get up stretch and while I don’t “amble” to the apparatus I do move quickly and keep my head about me.

It can be kinda funny to watch the younger folk blast off like a Saturn-5 rocket and just about run.  That type of response almost always generates a “Slow down! It’ll still be burning (or bleeding) when you get there” type of reply.

What got me into the emergency services in the first place were two television shows.  Adam-12 and Emergency.  All these folks were the best.  They were out there helping people.  Getting into action and enjoying their job.

My favorite though was Emergency.  When they received an alarm I distinctly remember getting really jazzed upon hearing that distinct klaxon they used.  In fact some 33 years later I can recall just about jumping while watching the show as they jog to the trucks for a response.  It was like a couple of hands reached inside my guts and gave my adrenal glands a good squeeze.

When I receive my own brand of alarm klaxon my adrenals don’t respond at all, my brain does (mainly to keep my butt alive).

Then it happened.  I found this great ringtone for my cell phone and installed it.  And the first time my phone rang with it I just about jumped out of my skin.

It made me laugh.

Till later,

Jacque – Out

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