Yet again I have been playing around on Craigslist when I should be working.  Tried posting the following in the free section but it kept being deleted as spam.

Nighttime Stream of Thoughts

Are your nighttime sleep thoughts calm?  Maybe you have peaceful slumbers and dream of <insert kinky idea involving Sarah Palin>.  Or better yet, sleep all night without waking up and staying awake for 2+ hours worrying about <insert whatever freaks you out>.

Rest well no more!  Take my Stream of Thoughts for FREE.

Picture a large beach ball (you) floating serenely down a calm stream, just kinda bobbing along, then it moves faster and faster.  It hits an eddy (you wake up) and it pops into the air, and over to another eddy (another concern), hits a boulder and now it’s REALLY flying and jumping.

Maybe you have a great job, no worries. Take mine!  It’s a great job too, but for some crazy reason I’ve decided to put other peoples lives in my hands which requires continuing education, constant education and certifications.  That’s good for at least a half-hour of no sleep (lots of “what-if scenarios).

Have great kids that do well in school?  Hey! So do I.  But I have 8 of the little rats.  A few of them are 20 something year old little rats. 22 minutes.

Oops!  Did you forget to pay the cell phone bill?  That’s ok, you’re awake now.  May as well jump on the computer and do it.  While you’re at it lets see what for free on Craigslist.  1.25 hours.

Yawn…We may as well spin the wheel.

Come-on!  This Stream of Thoughts is FREE.

Take it.


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