Hello? What time is it? Heck, What DAY is it?

Oh man.  I’m beginning to feel like my friend Pat. Not that I’m an international jet setter (I run more along the lines of an inner-city bicycle setter), but I just got done working 2 overnight 12-hour shifts.  Not the type where I’m at the fire department and get to sleep.  Nooooo, that would be too easy.   These were the type where I had to stay awake and “alert”.  Ugh!

I haven’t worked a shift like that in well over 10-years.  Staying awake wasn’t a problem.  And even sleeping during the day wasn’t too much of an issue.  But on day 2 when I’m arriving home at noon my body is saying, “Hey man, it’s light out.  You should be outside shoveling or riding your bike.  Anything  but thinking about going to sleep.”  So I did the next best thing.  I drank a beer on an empty stomach after being awake for what seemed like days.

Wooo!  Let me tell you what.  Two things occur when you do that.  Fox News is hilarious and one can compose some really good blog posts.

Now, if I can remember what was so funny I’d post it.

Oh well.

Till later,

Jacque – Out

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