Fresh Abundance! Weekly News – May 31st, 2008

This action/adventure/drama/comedy version of the Weekly News brought to you by:

Fresh Abundance!
Bringing Local Food to Local People


The summer movie season is upon us. How fun. If I wasn’t so busy riding my bicycle, working in the garden and playing with my friends (oh, and working a little bit at Fresh Abundance!) I’d probably go see one.  But my lack of movie watching doesn’t stop me from coming up with my own ideas for some blockbusters.  Movie number one is, “The FA Team”.  Based upon the 80′s television show “The A Team” this one would have us battling conventional food farmers and oppressive grocery stores everywhere (or at least in the Spokane area).  Number two; “Fresh Abundance! and the Pantheon of the Mediocre Produce Box”.  Here we find our heroes working hard to find local farmers and standing around yakking while filling orders for delivery. Every now and then a huge veggie or piece of fruit will roll through the packing area and they have to run from it to save the boxes.

Ok, on with The News:

Last week I made an oblique (how’s that for a cool word?) reference to some non-food stuff we’re selling. Just in case you’re wondering, I was referring to the Aquasasna water filtration systems. We use the whole house version and it has dramatically improved our water quality.  I don’t miss filling the water filter up every time I use it or going to get a drink of water to find it empty. Just turn on the tap, fill your glass and enjoy.

And…the Division Update:
Like my wife says whenever one of the kids asks how much longer, “We’re almost there”.  The electrician is scheduled to show up on Tuesday, we’re still waiting on a firm date from the plumbers, painting is in progress and bathroom remodel is well underway.  The post below has a couple of before and after pictures.

Last but not least…What’s Up With Seasonal Products:
Soft fruit season has begun, better than lions, tigers and bears we have peaches, apricots and grapes o my!
Fresh Chicken Blow Out! Get ‘em while they last. Fresh or Frozen chickens are now $2.99 per pound (down from $3.99).  Help us help your LOCAL farmer.

Well! A long one this week.  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I’m off to The Prom.

Till next week,

Jacque – Out

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