Restaurant Rut Chronicles V

On Sunday morning I picked up one of the 20-something year old daughters and we headed out for some Dad and Daughter time.

Me: (I’m the dad)  “Where do you want to get breakfast?”

Her: (The daughter) “How about The Chalet at 29th and Grand?  I like to go there because they let me in wearing pajamas.”

Me: “Pajam?….never mind.  Ok, I’ve always wanted to check that place out.”

Being a Southhillie I’ve driven by The Chalet a number of times and have always wondered about it.  They often have banners hanging advertising swiss steak or other dinners that are wholly unappetizing to me.

Upon entry it was evident that the place is popular because of the crowd.  Even so we were greeted promply and politely.  I immediately noticed that the entire staff was friendly and attentive to everyone as well as the pristine cleanliness of the establishment. In addition a person that appeared to be the owner was walking around talking with regulars and checking in with newbies like me.

The food was hot, fresh and plentiful.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the place and will try it again for dinner. I’ll just skip the swiss steak.

Till later,

Jacque – Out

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  1. fbc says:

    Practically in my front yard and having worked next door with the craziest woman in Spokane for a while, I am sad to say I have only been there once. If you want to watch some fun you should go around 11:00 a.m., grab a table where you can see the parking lot and watch the old folks try to run each other down. Priceless.

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